Welcome! Bienvenue! Mbolo! Bisimila!

New York Comic Con 2019
Photo Credit: Kamau Ware

My name is Kadiatou, I am an artist, cosplayer and entrepreneur. I was born in Mali, grew up in Gabon and moved to Brooklyn in 2010. I created Nerdy Bae to highlight the beauty of being African and nerdy.

In Gabon, I used to watch anime such as Ranma 1/2City Hunter and Fist of the North Star on a channel called Manga. The news stand in my neighborhood was my main comic book seller and my favorite comic book growing up was W.I.T.C.H. When I moved to the U.S., I was so impressed that there were comic/anime conventions, comic book stores and nerd groups.

As I began navigating the nerd world in the U.S., I realized many people were not aware that African nerds existed. So I decided to open up an alternate world in an attempt to unify Blerd cultures and share the beauty of being African and nerdy.

As an African nerd, I enjoy comics, anime, manga, history, hip hop and soccer. I believe in creating a cultural exchange between Blerds around the world to move the Black Diaspora forward. To me, unifying Blerd cultures means respecting, understanding and loving our differences and similarities.

Thank you for joining my nerdy world!