Connection, 2020
Nine 8″ x 8″ pieces
Acrylic on canvas 
Me, Guérir, Flow, Échange, Disrupt, Vivre, Ascend, Énergie, Reflect.

Connection portrays me and how I feel deeply connected to the environment. Entering a journey to heal (guérir) requires a will to regulate the flow of said connection. There is a constant exchange (échange) of stimuli between the self and the environment. We take and we give. An issue might surface when there are negative energies being exchanged. In that case, there is a need to disrupt the existing connections and create new ones. Recognizing the energy (énergie) around us is a sign of healing. When embarking on a healing journey, it is important to live (vivre) with a will to ascend to reach our highest potential. Connecting on a healthier frequency provides the ability to reflect on the ways the self and the environment interact and affect each other.