The Nerdy Bae pin/logo was inspired by my Bambara background. The Bambara people are the largest Mande group in Mali and Bambara is the most spoken language in Mali. The letters and symbols in my logo/pin were created based on mudcloth patterns. Mudcloth aka Bogolanfini is a cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud mostly produced by western African ethnic groups and specifically the Bambara people. The current variations of mudcloth sold around the world come predominantly from the Bambara people.

As an artist, it was important for me to create a logo that would represent me. I spent a few days sketching the logo in my notebook before I settled for this design. Then, my partner suggested that I paint the logo on a canvas, hang it at home and see how I felt. Painting my logo on a 18” x 24” canvas was extraordinary. Every time I look at my logo I can see myself. I see the Bambara woman because of the mudcloth, the painter because of the canvas texture and the nerd because of my origin story.