Superheru Mini-Con 2019
Photo Credit: Kamau Ware

This is by far my favorite cosplay. I absolutely love Power Man and Luke Cage. I love how powerful he is and how his abilities are a commentary to violence against Black people in the U.S. 

I started working on this cosplay in May 2018 for Big Apple Con. It was somewhat an easy cosplay because it did not require too much making/creating. I only needed to make the headpiece and gauntlet with foam sheets, hot glue and paint. I also bought a plastic chain and painted it in metallic silver. 

Ironically, the first item I bought for this cosplay was my yellow boots. I absolutely loved the color plus they fit well. Then came the quest for the yellow top. That was one of the difficulties because I needed to find a yellow that would match the boots. After a few weeks of ordering and returning tops, I finally found a yellow that matched the boots. The next difficulty was to find the right color pants. 

At first, I wanted to go for some washed blue jeans. I bought one pair and did not like how the costume looked overall so I decided to go shopping which I do not like, sigh. As I was shopping, I figured I would buy some leggings because they are very comfortable to wear, especially for a long period of time. It is very important to be comfortable in your cosplay, especially when you are attending a convention. I had to go to at least three clothing stores before I found the right blue leggings. 

With my costume complete, all I needed was to figure out how to wear my hair. I opted for two puffs because at that time it was my go to style and also because I like adding a touch of my personality to my cosplays. However, I have also wore this coplay with an afro puff and recently with my locs at the Superheru Comic Book Mini-Con organized by the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention

Every time I cosplay Power Man, I am overwhelmed with confidence, power and joy. If you see me at a con in my Power Man cosplay holla and let’s grab some coffee 😉☕