New York Comic Con 2019
Photo Credit: @theplanetjay

Ryuko was my first official cosplay after being a witch every single year on Halloween from elementary school through middle school. I launched this cosplay in 2017 at New York Comic Con. I knew I wanted to embark on a cosplay journey when I finished watching Kill La Kill

I choose my cosplays based on how much I relate to the characters. Ryuko is strong and believes in protecting the people she loves no matter how dangerous it might be. I enjoyed wearing this cosplay because it also made me more comfortable in my own skin. Showing some belly and thigh skin goes a long way when you are struggling with accepting your body. 

Growing up, I was told many times that I was too dark, too skinny and too short. These comments from certain family members led me to resent my body and not see myself as beautiful. Although cosplaying comes with a degree of anxiety, there is no doubt that it is definitely helping rebuild my confidence.

My first step when working on a cosplay is researching. Looking at representations of the character helps stimulate my creativity. After my research, the first item I bought was the steel blade which to my surprise was very sharp and heavy. I chose the steel blade instead of a wooden replica because I felt that I needed the steel blade to better impersonate Ryuko.

Afterwards, I ordered the wig and the costume. Ordering the costume needed some extra research because I needed to make sure I could order the right size. I looked at some costume reviews from other cosplayers and found out the costume ran large. I was not surprised when I received the costume and had to do some minor alterations so it could fit better.

Cosplaying can be challenging when it comes to spending money on costumes and/or accessories. That might be why I decided not to buy white shoes and wear my beloved orange high top converse. However, I recently wore this cosplay at Anime NYC 2019 and still chose not to get white shoes. I think there is a part of me that always wants to make my cosplays unique by adding a personal touch. 

I could not keep the scissor blade with me at NYCC 2017 since it was too sharp but I still had an amazing time. I enjoyed seeing other cosplayers, taking pictures and checking out the experiences. Even at Anime NYC, it was cool and exciting to see other Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin cosplays.