Exhibition Overview

TAAMA means “to walk” in Bambara. This exhibition and podcast series will explore generational healing. TAAMA stems from the belief that our ancestors have blessed us and to honor that blessing, we ought to walk through a healing path. Through community interviews featured on a podcast, TAAMA encourages conversations unpacking generational healing. The paintings resulting from these conversations will incorporate fabric from garments passed down to the interviewees from previous generations.

Invitation – How to participate?

Join the community interviews by signing up on the form below. The interviews will be conducted from Monday July 26th to Saturday August 7th via Zoom or in-person at the Old American Can Factory. It is important to note that sharing a piece of fabric from previous generations is optional and does not discount community members from participating in the interviews. To participate, please click the link below:


For any questions, please contact us at art@nerdybae.com.